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Image processing series

Image Processing : Python/OpenCV Environment Building Edition (English Edition)

Image Processing The First Beginner’s Guide (English Edition)

in preparation for further volumes!

Image Processing Series Support Page




Python Programming

coming soon!

Python Programming Series Support Page





AI (Artificial Intelligence) series

artificial intelligence: The ancestors of deep learning (English Edition)

Artificial Intelligence in a Nutshell: Deep Learning “Improving” its Ancestors (English Edition)

Linear Regression Analysis: Artificial Intelligence in a Nutshell 3 (English Edition)

logistic regression analysis (English Edition)

Nearest Neighbor Method : Quickly Learn Artificial Intelligence series 5 (English Edition)

Multiple Regression Analysis: Quickly Learn Artificial Intelligence 6 (English Edition)

Decision Tree: Artificial Intelligence for Quick Learning 7 (English Edition)


in preparation for further volumes!

*Support Page of Artificial Intelligence Series   ->  here



R Programming

coming soon!